•   Advice and Help Achieving Lifestyle Changes
    • Help eliminating unhealthy habits
    • Discuss emotional health
    • Ideas to help decrease stress
    • Sleep habits and schedule


  • Weight and Nutrition
    • Creating a healthy diet and exercise regimen together


  • Screening
    • Check if you are immune to Rubella (German measles) as Rubella puts babies at risk of blindness, deafness and mental retardation. Women who are susceptible to rubella should be offered rubella vaccination before they become pregnant.
    • Check if your cervical smear (PAP test) is in date.
    • Check if you have a high blood pressure.
    • Check if you are anemic.
    • Check if you are diabetic (indicated by sugar in the urine).
    • Check if you have kidney disease (indicated by protein in the urine).
    • Check if you have a genital infection or sexually transmitted infection
    • Check your dental health.
    • Draw or collect any blood work, cultures, or testing necessary


  • Folic Acid
    • It is advisable that women who are contemplating pregnancy should take folic acid, one tablet a day (400 mcg). This will decrease the risk of neural tube defects such as spina bifida.
    • If you do not wish to take folic acid tablets you need to eat foods which are rich in folic acid such as spinach, green beans, and oranges.


  • Basic Fertility Testing
    • Questions to try to get clues as to the cause of your infertility
    • These questions will be regarding your medical, surgical, gynecological, and obstetric history, as well as some lifestyle questions.
    • A review of records from other health care providers (Family doctor, OB/GYN, fertility doctor) that you have seen is also important
    • Assessment of adequate ovulation
    • Semen analysis
    • Intracervical insemination (ICI)
    • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)


Me and my husband are trying to conceive but I’ve always known that a traditional gyno/obgyn was not for me. April did a preconception meeting with and exceeded far past my expectations. Made me feel hopeful, comfortable and overall excited about my future. Hopefully I will be pregnant soon and without a doubt I will have her as a midwife.”