Birth Stories

~Naomi’s Birth Story~

I’ve always wanted to have a natural birth. Never did I think that I would want it at home and in water. My first two children were born in the hospital. My doctor was amazing and knew exactly what I wanted… No Epidural. The first was work. Three days in labor and I was induced…. Read more »

James Birth Story

I knew before becoming pregnant that I wanted a home birth. Knowing myself, I knew that a hospital was not going to be the relaxing and calm environment I was envisioning. We met with a friend of a friend who had a home birth and referred us to her midwife. I contacted April and set… Read more »

Jack’s Birth Story

Before I even became pregnant my husband, Nathan, and I wanted a non-medicated, natural, home birth, but I did not want to make ‘a mess’ in my bed. The thought of having to clean everything up after I delivered the baby help us make the decision to choose a midwife who practiced at a hospital…. Read more »

Gavin Neely’s Story

Dear Gavin,   This is the story of your birth. I will tell it as best as I can remember. In my mind I can picture it clear as day because it is the day where my world opened up and I found my purpose. It was Saturday, March 1st and daddy and I were… Read more »

Tyler Michael Johnson’s Story

I began my pregnancy with an OB but switched to April’s care at 31 weeks after meeting her in person and falling in love with the midwifery model of care and April herself. I knew in minutes she was the person I wanted to attend my birth. A few days before my Tyler was born I experienced… Read more »

Kamden Edwards’ Story

We found out Kamden was breech at 35 weeks. I made an appointment with a chiropractor and had him turned with the Webster maneuver. I was quite relieved he was now in position for a vaginal birth. At that point Braxton Hicks contractions start and continue for the rest of the pregnancy. On September 12 I had an internal… Read more »

Olivia Godinez’ Story

I started my pregnancy with April when she was still doing hospital births. When I went to my 37-week appointment April told me that she was no longer doing hospital births. I was devastated. I thought my only options were to go with the OB she practiced with or start looking for a completely new… Read more »

Nayeli Godinez’ Story

On Tuesday I started having contractions throughout the day but they were irregular and they didn’t really hurt so I just continued in with my day.  I went out to dinner with my friends Melissa and Tiffany.   During dinner my contractions started coming more regularly but they still weren’t painful.  When I got home… Read more »

Quinn’s Birth Story

I was so excited when I found out I was pregnant, I have wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. I have always wanted to have a water birth at home, I can’t think of a better place to experience such a miracle than in your own home. Soon after… Read more »

Vivian Elise – A Birth Story

A due date is an elusive thing.  I had been told not to set too much store by it, and I’m happy now that I didn’t… My story begins in mid-September 2007, when my husband and I discovered to our immense joy that we were expecting.  We had recently experienced two miscarriages while trying for… Read more »

Edward & Genevieves’ Birth Stories

Edward is my first child, my February baby; so sweet from the very beginning.  He knocked on my door at exactly midnight of the eleventh of February 2008.   I both hoped and knew in the deepest part of my heart that the eleventh would be our day.  Brand new sheets were on the bed, cucumbers… Read more »

Lydia Suzanne – A Birth Story

Before I became pregnant, I heard the name Lydia and knew that would be my daughter’s name. A few months later, the morning of May 1, I had a dream where I saw a beautiful little girl with blonde pigtails and the widest, most contagious smile. While still dreaming but beginning to awaken, I thought,… Read more »