Natural Childbirth Gets a New Home in Nevada

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Serenity – the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

Serenity – what is needed during pregnancy and delivery.

Serenity – what childbirth can be.

Traditional childbirth in a hospital setting can feel anxious and chaotic. The medical approach to labor and delivery is invasive and unsettling to a family already feeling anxious about adding a new human to their tribe. Baby’s 1st Day has turned the traditional birthing process into serenity for families in Southern Nevada for over a decade by providing care and attention during home births. Later this year, Baby’s 1st Day is opening Nevada’s first accredited birthing center, Serenity Birth Center at 332 S. Jones Blvd. in Las Vegas to provide a home-like birth experience with full service well-woman care.

Serenity Birth Center Gives Women a Choice

Serenity Birth Center believes childbirth is a natural, not a medical process and believes women deserve to choose where and how they bring their babies into the world. We respect a woman’s right to make her own informed decisions about her health care and the care of her baby based on her values and beliefs. At Serenity Birth Center, she chooses who amongst her family and friends participates in the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period with her. Serenity Birth Center is a free standing midwifery health care facility designed for childbirth while offering comprehensive well-woman care including hormone testing, birth control, fertility treatments, IUD placement, sexually transmitted infection testing, and menopausal care.

Serenity Birth Center Offers Unmatched Expertise

Serenity Birth Center will offer the expertise and guidance of April Clyde, the only former labor & delivery nurse to become an independent midwife and practice outside the hospital in the state of Nevada. April has been helping parents welcome their newborns into the world for the past 20 years.  April has served women all over Nevada, first as a labor and delivery nurse and now as a nurse-midwife. She spent the first 10 years of her career in the hospital setting and has attended births in her clients’ homes for the last 10 years.   April focuses on safety and appropriate medical intervention while being sensitive to the woman’s desire for a non-invasive birthing experience. “What the past 20 years have taught me is that when women are supported and empowered through pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum they are better able to transition into the role of mother.  Birth has the potential to be a right of passage that leaves mothers and families strong, empowered, and confident,” she says.

Serenity Birth Center Provides Peaceful Atmosphere

Serenity Birth Center was born out of a need for more birth options in Southern Nevada and creates a home-like atmosphere equipped to provide routine care for mother and baby while also being prepared for emergency procedures. Serenity Birth Center offers two serene spa-like birthing rooms, each equipped with a private birthing tub, shower, and toilet. Each room has a queen size bed for post delivery comfort. A kitchen area provides a place for family to gather and eat while mom is in labor. Within the beautiful education room at Serenity Birth Center, clients receive education and support through childbirth classes, lactation groups, and postpartum support groups. It’s the perfect blend between home and hospital for healthy women anticipating a low-risk pregnancy and birth.

8 Reasons to Choose Natural Childbirth with a Midwife

1. Financial 

Dollar for dollar, without insurance coverage, delivering in a hospital can cost well over twice what it would cost to deliver with a midwife at home or in a birthing center. Choosing a midwife can relieve financial stress.

2. More Personal Care

Most midwives care for a handful of clients at a time, versus dozens a day that a medical doctor sees. Fewer clients means longer, more personalized care. The nurturing relationship between a midwife and her client creates a lasting bond of trust – trust the client puts into her midwife to listen to her concerns and provide exceptional care and trust the midwife puts into her client to know what’s best for her and her baby.

3. More Options

Choosing a midwife allows an expectant family more choices about where they deliver. Some choose the comfort of their own home. Some hospitals allow nurse midwives to offer care in their facilities. Some states allow free-standing birthing centers to offer home-like labor and delivery rooms where families are free to gather and mothers can labor according to their plan.

4. Birth Plan Freedom

Although medical professionals encourage their patients to create a birth plan, those plans often get thrown aside in a hospital setting, leaving mothers discouraged and disappointed. Midwives walk through the birth plan process with their clients, allowing them to choose every detail of their special day and working to make the birth process happen according to plan. As long as mom and baby are healthy, midwives give control of labor and delivery to mom and her support team.

5. Less Medically Invasive

Because midwives typically only see a few clients a month, and because they believe that childbirth is a natural process, they allow their healthy clients to take as long as necessary to deliver their babies. Induction unnaturally rushes the labor process, creating more stress on the body. It can be more difficult to recover after such a delivery. Allowing mother to labor naturally gives her body time to adjust before birth. Without medical intrusion, baby is born on its own schedule and isn’t rushed to fit into the doctor’s schedule.

6. Peaceful Atmosphere for Labor and Delivery

Hospitals are chaotic, noisy, hectic. High patient to nurse ratio leaves nurses scurrying from room to room trying to provide quality care to several laboring women at the same time. Labor and delivery at home or in a birthing center designed to imitate a home-like atmosphere is quiet and comfortable. There is room for family and friends to wait comfortably for baby to appear. Mom can wander around as she needs to, take a shower or bath when she wants, light candles, use oils, listen to music, watch tv. She dictates the atmosphere. All others are there for support.

7. Whole-Person Care

A midwife is concerned with the physical health of a woman and her baby, but she’s also concerned with their spiritual and emotional health, as well. This whole-person care brings peace and calm to a laboring mother and her whole family.

8. Less Post-Partum Interference

Mom and baby are united immediately after birth, initiating that special bond without interruption. Family members can help weigh and measure and bathe their new addition. Baby isn’t rushed away from Mom into a chaotic new world.


Meet With A Midwife

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